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The potholes of life.

During winter in Canada roads suffer enormously from the freezing and thawing of the ice. Holes in the road can then occur which can create a danger to cars but rarely to pedestrians, unless you happen to be staring at your phone and step in a hole which is ideally situated for that purpose.

I was waiting for the bus, an activity for which I am famous for and for which a not inconsiderate amount of time is wasted in my life. As I was waiting a most extraordinary vehicle arrived very slowly in the left lane; it was the size of a small truck with a bright yellow triangle at the back signifying that it backed up often. At first I thought it was simply cleaning the roads but as it had stopped in front of my stop I had enough time to examine it.

As it was Sunday morning there were virtually no cars in the early morning so I advanced in the middle of the road to take a closer look. Right where the truck had stopped was a hole the size of Manhattan, or so it seemed to me in the early morning. My eyes are not what they used to be. I carefully looked at what would happen next. Slowly from another appendage a slow stream of hot asphalt began to fill in the Manhattan size hole until it was filled. All this took about five or six seconds. Then another appendage that had a shovel-like implement simply flattened the now covered hole that was emitting some smoke. The whole thing took less than five minutes. Once this done the small truck continued on its merry way searching for holes in the road like a prostitute hunting for a John.

I admired how quickly and well done the job had been done and thought that it was a pity that we could not do the same in our own lives, filling in the potholes that we have. Some have money problems, while for others it would be relationship problems. Imagine if we could simply solve the problem by “filling” it in and then smoothing it over. Life would be so easy.


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