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The passionate life.

I love photography. It is more than love, it is a passionate affair with cameras and taking pictures. You have to be passionate to get up at 05:00 am to take pictures, or going atop a mountain when it is very cold and your fingers are freezing. I find that my passion makes me more alive and points me in the direction of a more fulfilling life.

But I wonder, how many people live a life full of passion? Not many in my opinion as most are too busy making money. Of course one can be passionate about making money, but this is a passion that in the end can ruin you. It can ruin the most important things in life namely, your mind and your health. And once those are gone you can say goodbye to making money.

Of course money is important, but once you have enough then what? I find it foolish for people to spend their lives trying to make money and then say that they will indulge their passion when they retire. By that time of course they could be dead or be in so ill health that it won’t matter anymore if they had passions as they would not be able to live them. Time is a cruel master.

It is better not to crave money too much. Indulge your passions now, especially when you are young and not old and decrepit. Once your mind is gone you won’t remember that you had a passion for something anyways.

People with a passion will try to indulge in it over the weekends and holidays but this lacks permanence. It is rather like tasting a favourite dish only once a month. You are not satisfied and you crave to have more of it. In then end you could become quite frustrated with this whole affair of living your passions on off days. Why not make all of your days off days?

Yes, I know that bills must be paid. But it makes sense to simplify our lives and not needlessly work to pay bills that are not essential to our well-being.

Let us make a decision now; that we won’t work more than it is necessary and that we will devote most of our free time to the pursuit of our passions, and not the pursuit of a fat bank account. No one will care on your deathbed how much money you made and how much is in your account, apart from your heirs of course. On my death bed I want to remember all those days that I took pictures in sub-zero temperatures. It will warm my dying heart.


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