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The effect of climate change on human health.

It now seems that not only will our physical world will be affected by climate change but even our health. It seems that even our sleep will be affected. Once again it will be the poor who will suffer.

Scientists have looked at the issue and as poorer people do not have air-conditioning they will have more sleepless nights. The study made by an American scientist came to the conclusion that for every 100 Americans 6 additional sleepless nights in a month will be the result. A hotter climate will also affect the elderly as they have trouble adjusting to heat waves. More heat waves could mean more deaths. Add to that more grumpiness as well of course.

Admittedly, this side-effect of climate change is far down the list of things that worry scientists, but nevertheless, it just shows how varied and pervasive this change in the climate will be. We are, after all, the subjects of this experiment. We are the guinea pigs. Once again, the richer you are the easier you will ride this thing out.


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The price of life.

It is rare to see people die in the world of drug testing. By that I mean people who are paid to take drugs and who do so in a voluntary way. Very rarely does one die in such circumstances but it has happened now in France. In a phase one trial one person died and of six men admitted to hospital three could have permanent brain damage. Something went horribly wrong and it should not have happened.

I suppose that when one volunteers for such trials one does not think about the risks. After all the risks are quite low especially in a phase one trial because the toxicity of the drugs that are used are quite low.. This story in France struck a chord in me as I had thought of being a guinea pig for the money it could bring. I must admit that this story has made me think twice about embarking in such trials, never mind that this is a rare occurrence. I could be unlucky as the others were. Over 90 people have ingested this drug and who knows what could happen to them now. The side effects could linger on for years.

I think that we should silently thank these people who willingly ingest drugs just to make sure that when the population at large ingests them no ill effects will occur. I have looked into how much they are paid and for my part, it is not enough to risk my health for a few dollars. I value my health a lot more than these drug companies are willing to pay. Considering how much money these companies make they should consider seriously offering more to those who choose to take such risks, for the benefit of all.

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