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The fall of (a) man.

A funny thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago, something that reminded me that we are all subject to the laws of gravity even if we blithely forget. They sometimes have a way of reminding us that they exist and that we must pay attention to them.

I was walking in my favourite park as the skies were blue and the temperature that day was mild. I like to take pictures so I had my monopod and my camera with me. I was proceeding slowly across a frozen pond, using a small bridge that unites one pond to another. Once safely across I would have been able to continue my walk on the other side. Unfortunately it was very sunny and this made the snow on this small cement bridge highly reflective. No, I did not have tinted glasses as I look foolish enough without them but with them I would probably draw fits of laughter from passers-by. Enough said. I am simply not the epitome of cool.

So here I am, with my camera in my right hand and my camera bag safely on my back. I must have looked down at my feet and thought that it was a no-brainer for me. Two quick steps and I was to be on the other side. Unfortunately that is not what happened as when I put my right foot on this snow bridge I fell down and saw the snow bridge rise precipitously towards my lovely face. Now I know what a tree feels when it is chopped down and it slams into the ground. Not much fun.

At first I remained in this position; I was eagle spread on the bridge, with my left arm out over the edge and my right hand still holding the camera with my face inches out of the snow. I felt like a bug that had been squashed on the windshield of a car. Not a pretty sight. Needless to say that I was in shock. How could this have happened I wondered ? I also felt scared, more for my camera than for my pretty face. The first thing I did was to slowly rise and check the camera and the lens that was on it. Everything looked fine and I was so relieved at that. I then noticed that my right leg had scraped the cement bridge and that despite the snow I had hurt myself, but not severely. Nothing was broken except of course, my pride. As I had risen I had looked around to see if anyone had seen the fall but luckily no one had. We all do that; we fall and then look around to see if people are snickering at us. Happily I was alone on that day.

I gingerly got up and began moving again over the snow bridge but very slowly, giving it as much respect as a boxer who has been knocked-out by another boxer. I was not going down for the count again, no sir.
I knew that my right shin had been injured as I felt a throbbing there but I continued my walk on the other side and even walked for another hour afterwards. It is only when I arrived home that I inspected the damage. It looked bad as there was a red gash of about two inches long right across my shin and it was very red with blood but luckily it was only a good scraping and nothing was opened. I knew that I had been lucky. Just a good cleaning was necessary and that was all but for at least a week I felt some pain in that area.

The lesson was clear to me. The last time I fell must have been several years ago on my icy stairs. This was a remainder from the gods of Winter to not only look up, but down as well. The laws of gravity will apply even to those who forget them, as I had.


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