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Earth’s big carnivores are in trouble.

Some of the world’s largest carnivores have lost 90% of their historic range according to a recent study. These are; the Ethiopian wolf, red wolf, tiger, lion, African wild dog and the cheetah. If they are to survive longterm they have to be reintroduced in the areas where they used to live. A difficult prospect.

Scientists looked at historical maps of 500 years ago to come to the sad conclusion that these big carnivores are in trouble. This contraction is a global issue. Out of 25 large carnivores 15 of them have lost more than 60% of their historic range.

Man is part of the solution to expand the range again of these carnivores. People have to be willing to live again with some of these carnivores such as the wolf. Human tolerance is key.

As well, protected areas will work in regions where there is low human density, little livestock and limited agriculture. If one adds larger networks of protected land and favorable human attitudes carnivores can come back to their old haunts.

There is already some success as in parts of Europe the brown bear, the lynx and the gray wolf are coming back to the areas that were once theirs. The dingo and several types of hyena are also doing well as compared to the lion and tiger.


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