Sweeping ban on plastics in Europe!

The European parliament has backed a plan to ban single-use plastics in order to tackle the problem of pollution in the seas and other waterways. Some precise plastics such as plates and straws would be banned by 2021 while 90% of plastic bottles would be recycled by 2025.

What is interesting is that even the members of the U.K voted in favor of it and also proposed that once Brexit happens the U.K parliament should abide by those rules as well.

Most of the plastics dumped in the oceans will take centuries to degrade and single-use items because of their lightness compound the problem by being carried by ocean currents far from their dumping ground, absorbing toxins along the way and damage marine flora and fauna.

With this proposal the European parliament takes a leadership role in the fight against plastics. The law could be approved by the end of the year by the member states. Let us hope that other countries such as Canada follow in these footsteps. Unfortunately we all know what the response from the United States will be, no. Too much regulation…


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