Good news from California.

Despite the United States pulling out of the Paris treaty on climate change some states are still chugging along and achieving notable results. Witness the state of California which has seen its gas emissions fall below 1990 levels years ahead of the schedule that was self-imposed.

Since 2004 pollution levels were down 13% but the economy grew 26% since then. This gives the lie to Republicans who say that fighting climate change will mean losing jobs and a bad economy. How did California achieve those results? By an increased use of renewable power. In 2016 alone solar power has jumped 33% and imports of hydro power shot up 39%.

Reaching the 2030 targets will be more challenging, and for that to happen the transportation industry will have to continue to sell more efficient vehicles and use cleaner fuels. But because of tough tailpipe standards that exceed federal standards the state has a head start in reaching these targets, despite a hostile Trump administration.


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