A bees life…

Well now it is official; a bees life is shortened because of the use of pesticides called
Neonicotinoids. They die sooner than bees not exposed to these pesticides and it is not by a small amount, almost 25%.

Not only that, there was higher worker mortality and deficits in learning and memory. The queen was affected as well. Bee keepers are not surprised by all this as they have been on the frontlines of this for the past years.

Some of the changes in bees include bees flying longer, worker bees living fewer days and the inability to keep the colony clean of dead bees. The queen was not taken care adequately as well.

For the beekeepers the answer to this problem is clear; when corn seed is treated with these pesticides it should be done on an only-as-needed basis and not as a preventative measure.

Some countries have put a ban on those pesticides that hurt bees and research is still being done on the bees and the effects pesticides have on them. Health Canada is presently considering a ban on two of those pesticides that seem to harm bees.

Let us remember that bees are vital to plant and crop pollination. Bees are not the sole pollinators yet they are the most abundant with 700 species alone found in Canada. We depend on bees.



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