Micro plastics are choking the oceans.

Add another item to worry about; micro plastics in the oceans. It seems that this pollutant of a new kind is everywhere in the seas. Off the B.C coast a sample returned 25,000 plastic particles and fibers in one cubic meter of water. Astounding.

What surprised me in reading the article is that even laundry produces fibers that eventually are found in the oceans. A single sweater could release as much as 10,000 particles of micro plastic fibers. Let us go naked…

This is not only a Canadian issue but a global one. One estimate is that the total amount of plastic dumped in the oceans is equivalent of a garbage truckload every minute. At the rate we are going by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish!

What is more scary is the effect of these plastics and fibers on the ecosystem. Already when shellfish have been tested they found fibers in every sample that they studied. What is the risk to humans? We do not know, but at a certain level it cannot be good. I foresee the day when officials will tell us that one should eat shellfish only once a month perhaps.

And what about fish? Micro plastics can accumulate in them as well. I can see a future when people will only eat fish coming from farms rather than from the oceans. I for one will not wait, and will stop eating fish more than once a month until more is known about the risks of eating ocean fish. All this is disheartening especially when one see what the Trump administration is going to do to the E.P.A. Clean air and clean water is basic stuff.


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