Amazonian deforestation still going on.

Ten years ago a movement to save the rain forest seemed to have succeeded, stopping the devastation. But now it seems that food giants are pushing back and pushing hard into the Amazon forest. It seems that an appetite for soy products and other crops is raising the specter of a slide back. Food giants like the American Cargill are on the forefront of things.

2015 was the first year in a decade where deforestation rose compared to previous years. The culprit it seems is farmers cutting down the forest to supply Cargill with agricultural products. The other big giant in food is the other American called Bunge. These two giants seems to be responsible for the large-scale clearing of the forest that is seen now.

The loss of forest is detrimental to the climate as it is a contributor to climate change. The clearing of woodlands generates one-tenth of all global warming emissions as well. Only 15% of the world’s forest cover remains intact the rest having been cleared or degraded, wiping out ecosystems and displacing people in the process.

Most of the rain forest is in Brazil but a part of it is in Bolivia. In that country it is clear that securing food is more important than preserving the rain forest. And why not, as Bolivia is a poor country and the clearing of land means that people can work and eat.

If one adds to that the fact that companies seem to interpret legal texts that they have signed in a liberal way, most notably Cargill, one can see how the rain forest is still in danger. If the countries themselves are not careful in monitoring how the forest is exploited then it will be the end of the rain forest, and of course we will all suffer as climate change affects people globally, not only locally.


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