Floating cities for the middle class.

As climate change is accelerating some people seem to be coming up with novel ways to survive and make money. The latest scheme is to construct floating islands and the area where this could occur is in French Polynesia. The islands would be hosted in a tropical lagoon and therefore protected.

At first when I read that news I was amazed, what ingenuity I thought. But then of course, without money and some deep pockets none of this can happen and naturally this idea comes from California. The money was raised from donors who gave 2.5 million dollars to start the pilot project.

The cost to build the pilot islands would amount to 10 to 50 million dollars and would house only a few dozen people. And of course, the buyers would come from the developed world. The islands would be in a special economic zone where they could showcase advances in solar power, sustainable aquaculture and ocean-based wind farms.

Of course, critics of the project abound. What about poorer people, and how could they afford such islands? The developers argue that the price per island would fall as more are constructed and that for atoll nations this could be a solution to rising seas and erosion of the coastal area.

Others argue that such floating cities near areas where poor countries abound would be a bad use of resources, and that the money would be better spent on health and education. Essentially these islands would be cruise ships, nothing more. The other Pacific islands are stuck with the effects of climate change.

Perhaps floating cities are the wave of the future and perhaps atoll nations might not have the chance to survive other than in this fashion. As long as private money is spent on those experiments one can say that only the donor of the monies involved could be hurt, and no one else.


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