A record year, again!

Scientists have reported this week that we have hit another record year in terms of temperature this year. It is the first time that three years in a row the highest average temperature has beaten the previous year.

According to scientists there is a long-term trend of rising temperature caused by an increase in levels of carbon dioxide and other gases. The past two years have seen an increase in these temperatures due to the El Nino weather pattern. They fully expect to see a dip this year and watch how all those climate change deniers will pounce on that.

Already these warm temperatures can been seen to cause havoc in the Arctic. There, large areas are much warmer than they used to be as sea ice has declined at an alarming rate and rapid coastal erosion has occurred.

With an increase in the melting of ice the seas have been rising. Communities all over the world will be spending billion of dollars to fight an increase in tidal flooding and despite this Congress in United States has largely ignored the pleas for help. It certainly will not get better under a Republican president, especially with someone who denies that climate change is real and that it is really a Chinese plot.

As always I assume that only once the pocket book is hit will members of Congress wake up. Once their constituents start to holler they will listen, but why wait that long? The day of reckoning may not be too far off.


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