Climate change claims another victim!

Well, not quite, but in the next 50 years it could. The victim is a tree is called Yellow Cedar and it thrives in soggy soils from Alaska to Northern California. As the climate warms it could simply decline and disappear. As the snow cover decreases it lets the roots open to the outside and they freeze. In turn, it also leads to colder soils.

The decline of Yellow Cedar is not new, having begun its slow downward spiral in about 1880 according to the U.S Forest Service. These trees are not true cedars but more in the cypress family. They can grow to 60 metres and can live for more than 1,200 years. The tree is also plagued by the fact that it is a slow growing tree. Because it grows slowly it is out-competed by faster trees such as spruce or hemlock which can grow in lower light conditions. Already north of Vancouver island there is a 70% mortality covering 4.000 square kilometres of Yellow Cedar trees.

It was interesting that while the U.S Fish and Wildlife service may put the Yellow Cedar on its endangered list this September the director of the Alaska Forest Association remains opposed to such a move. He claimed that the Yellow Cedar did have a die-off last century and the trees that died were eventually replaced by the same trees. He claims that it was just a stupid effort to tangle up the timber supply. Another supporter of Trump I presume…Anything for a quick buck it seems.


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