No turning back!

Despite what Trump might let people believe, the movement towards a greener economy and a cleaner earth is pretty much irreversible. Despite the choice of a climate-change denier and a fossil-fuel advocate as head of the EPA market forces are now driving the change to a greener economy, not federal regulations. And that is a good thing.

Nevertheless, the impact of a climate-change denier will have consequences, not only for the United States but also for the whole planet. It will put the push to a greener economy on a slower pace, thus slowing down any progress that countries should make to achieve the targets of the Paris accords.

The idea that with less regulations the coal industry will make a comeback is absurd. The coal industry is in decline because it is simply not economical to operate those mines. Nothing Mr.Trump does will change that, even with less regulations.

The use of no-carbon industries like solar energy and wind is booming right now simply because the economics is in their favor, finally. The future is clean energy and the market knows that and will reward those visionaries that invest right now in these technologies. No wonder that the Chinese are heavily investing in them. We should too and continue to do so, throughout the world. Our future may depend on it.


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