The perils of cycling.

I thought that I was well rested this morning but I was simply unable to leave my bed. I had wanted to take pictures at the botanical garden but for that to happen I had to be early, as in before 07:00 a.m. I knew that it would not happen today.

I thought to myself, what should I do? I had to save the day. You know, when the forces of inertia are pushing you to just stay home and hide in your shell. When you feel better in your home rather than out there in the outside world. I had to do something and not waste a warm day with sunny blue skies that were enticing me to go out.

I have a bicycle and I do use it, but purely in an utilitarian way. I simply take it to go to the botanical garden and then back again, in all about 23 minutes. I rarely go out with my bike more than that. But today, I knew was the day to go further, and so at 12:48 precisely I left my home in the direction of the Maisoneuve park. I had an added reason to go bicycling; I had previously bought a new bag for cyclists that you wear on your back. With its aluminum shell and aerodynamic structure I knew that I had to test it.

This park has the advantage of being a green space with a bike path that is about 1.9 miles shaped as an elongated oval. It should be mainly for cyclists but it is not, and that is where the frustration mounts.

First, you have the well meaning parents bringing their kids on the bike path and using it for the first time. They are maybe 5 or 6 years old and they simply block the path. I had to avoid several today. Accidents waiting to happen if you ask me. Please parents, take the kids to a school yard and let them practice there. At least no one can hit them accidentally and they won’t cause accidents by their erratic bicycling.

Then what about walkers? I mean, there is a walking path just besides the cycling path but no, let’s annoy the cyclists…And some runners seem to think that it is okay to run with the flow of cyclists. For some reason. Finally, I even saw a scooter on the path. That takes the cake.

I was a marvel of patience, not saying a word to all these people. I took it out on the bike path, despite that fact that a big sign said that bicycles were limited to about 30 miles per hour or something like that. I probably exceeded that many times during my 4 laps around the oval but I felt better when I left the park. You would to if you would have cycled for about 12 miles. Of course, I’ll pay the price tomorrow as my legs will hurt like mad. And yes, that new bag was incredible as I could feel the flow of air underneath me and around me. Well worth the frustrations that I experienced.


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