Women, men and the burkini.

This week the burkini caught my eye for all the wrong reasons. For those who have no clue what this is, the burkini is a swimming suit made for Muslim women so that they can go to the beach and enjoy swimming without showing too much skin. The whole body is covered. It seemed that in France at least, it was subversive for a woman to wear this and some officials interpreted it as a call to civil unrest, no less.

What is incredible is that several mayors in France passed laws against women wearing these swimsuits. Someone finally decided to take the city to court and it was struck down. For now at least in France, in one town, the burkini is legal. It is probable that the other towns will not enforce their laws against this swimsuit.

Of course this ban went too far. It seems that as long as you justify it by talking about keeping public order anything goes. Only in a town in Corsica would the ban be probably upheld as supporters of the burkini and opponents went to blows on the beach.

Of course a woman has the right to wear as little or as much as she wants at the beach. I wonder why some men are not forced to wear something more than a Speedo. Some of them look like beached whales, a rather unsavory thing to look at. Perhaps a law should be passed forbidding middle-aged men from wearing skimpy swimsuits.

What is most disheartening is that nearly all the presidential candidates at the French election for President propose to enact laws that would ban the burkini. Inevitably it will go the the European courts to settle the matter once and for all.


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