The threat of Lyme disease.

I recently read an article about Lyme disease and how man has probably exacerbated the problem. Just last year in the U.S at least 30,000 people and probably more have been affected by it. Symptoms of the disease include fatigue, joint pain and memory problems.

Scientists are now accepting the fact that we humans may be to blame for the rapid increase of the disease. By killing off big predators that kill deer we may be letting the deer who carry the ticks thrive and prosper and encourage the transmission of the disease.

The solution is simply; let big game come back to take carry of the deer or at least keep its numbers down. In the past, wolves and cougars did much of the job. Predators seem to control and regulate infectious diseases and when they are absent we risk catching more diseases that may not be fatal, but that can be debilitating and costly to the health system.

We may not have to do much to encourage big predators to return to their roots. Already wild wolves have been making a comeback as well as cougars. The real question is will we let them come back? People are scared of wolves and cougars but if there were less deer that would mean less collisions with cars and in the end it would cost less to the taxpayer. It seems that it is not the big things that can kill us, more the little things that are hard to see.


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