Let the games begin!

Yes indeed, the games of Rio 2016 have begun. I tried to watch the ceremony yesterday but my TV broadcaster insisted on me seeing 10 or 12 minutes of publicity for two minutes of show. I declined, finding that my time was more valuable than that. Yes, let the games begin, but without me for the most part.

I am sure that I will see some of the action, if my broadcaster decides that it is important enough. And there lies the problem; what I want to see and what my broadcaster decides to show me might not coincide. I frankly do not care too much about rowing. Same for rugby. Hopefully soccer and basketball will get some prime time billing.

If I were a Brazilian I would object to spending tons of money while my own citizens walllow in poverty on a grand scale. Money is spent to entertain V.I.P from the I.O.C that could have been spent on making life better for its citizens. No wonder that the country is in turmoil.

I certainly will watch the games, hoping that commercials will be less intrusive, and hoping that Canada performs well. But knowing that among the athletes who will win medals some are doped will leave me wondering who is clean and who is not. And if past games is any indication, a number of medalists will have to return their medals won at these games eventually, but only in 4 or 5 years probably. They are still finding cheaters among the medalists of the Chinese games and the London games after all. I still remember the East German women swimmers and their massive shoulders during the Montreal Olympics of 1976. I was very impressed, but I was 14 as well…..

I know, it is easy to be cynical about these games but it is warranted, especially when you know that money dominates everything. Everyone wants to win a gold medal because in a lot of cases it is a fast track to being rich and famous. No wonder that the Russians at Sotchi were doping on a massive scale. They knew that apart of doping for mother Russia they would be well treated by those in government who were holding the purse. This will never stop until we go back to what the games should be; a low key affair with only the laurels of victory as a reward. But for that to happpen these present Olympics, the way that they are held, will have to implode.




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