Hail to the clown!

Well now it is official, and Donald Trump will be the candidate of the Republican party for the office of president. I am sure that a year ago no one would have guessed such an outcome. In true from, his acceptance speech was along the lines of “ the sky is falling on us”. Most of it a pack of lies of course but that has never stopped him before it seems.

According to an analysis of the speech by the L.A Times, the four words that appeared over and over again were violence, immigration, trade deals and terrorism. But of course, his solutions to these so-called problems are along the lines of building walls and abrogating trade treaties unilaterally. One would expect from someone who is trying to be president that he would have offered constructive solutions.

The convention was a dismal failure, from a somewhat plagiarized speech from his wife to his adversaries not joining him for the fight against Mrs. Clinton. The contrast with the Democratic convention that starts on Monday will be striking, and I predict a big bounce in the polls for the Democrats.

Mr. Trump seems destined to wing it to the end. Let’s hope that he suffers such a defeat that rules will be re-written in the republican camp so that no other clown with clownish ideas can represent them in the future. A good drubbing at the polls is what they deserve.


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