Clinton and her emails.

So the scandal is now over. For those who do not remember what it was all about, Mrs. Clinton used her family’s private email for official communications rather than the official State Department email accounts. Much later, some of these emails would be marked as classified.

Hearings were held into the whole affair and the F.B.I even investigated the email controversy. They finally concluded that she had been extremely careless in the handling of her email system but no charges were to be laid against her. Hillary Clinton defended herself by saying that the use of a personal email by a Secretary of State was not new and that previous Secretary of States had done the same. But none used private email servers like she had. She had a tight control over her emails by not involving third parties such as Google.

Of course, she knew what she was doing, especially someone who has worked in and out of government for so long. She should have known better. Clearly the fact is that Mrs. Clinton is probably a control freak who knows that there are people quite willing to trip her up. What better way to protect yourself than by perfect control of your emails. But still, some object that classified emails were found. But one look at how bureaucrats use classification will convince most people that most things that are classified as secret are simply not so. Most often, emails or information are marked classified to avoid embarrassment or to protect turf or to embarrass rivals in other government agencies. In short, Mrs. Clinton did something that was outside the norm but certainly not criminal in nature, and this is what the F.B I has concluded. Case closed.


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