Cameron loses his bet!

And so David Cameron has lost his bet, and the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. He wanted to heal a rift in his party and instead will have provoked probably the end of the United Kingdom.

Yes, the vote was close, but in the end the difference between the two camps was over a million votes, and so the people have spoken clearly.

What strikes me in this decision is that the United Kingdom is anything but united now. Among themselves, the younger generation voted to remain in the Europe while the older voters voted to leave. Furthermore, Scotland has said that a new vote for its independence will probably be held soon. Wales might also decide to move out.

The real winner of this mess is Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, rumoured to succeed David Cameron. The other loser of this affair is the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, whose leadership in this whole affair was less than stellar. Already there is a push to move him out.

What could happen now is that other countries in the E.U might decide to leave the union. Already some in France, notably the far right, want a vote on leaving. Nothing good can result of this and of course, we can expect turmoil in the markets for the next two years.

There is no question that some in the British press have some responsibility for this result. They continuously picked on small incidents in the European union that affected the U.K as if the sovereignty of the British were always in question. Some British politicians also defended Europe in a lukewarm fashion. I cannot see how the United Kingdom will be richer by being out of the European Union rather than in. In the long run, people will rue this ill-advised decision and they will blame spineless politicians who were only trying to advance their political careers.


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