Humanity in crisis.

I was interested to learn this week that the first World Humanitarian Summit was held. That this is the first time that such a thing has occurred is incredible to me, but it also shows how far we have fallen. This summit is being sponsored by the United Nations and yet most of the world leaders will be absent, as if this issue was not important. But it is.

Conflicts around the world now last longer than before and as a result refugees stay that way much longer, creating a crisis situation. At the same time basic laws protecting such refugees are being flouted by so-called liberal democracies. Europe is now offering financial incentives to Turkey to keep asylum seekers at bay.

Laws of war that were respected in the past are not today, with the result that some countries feel free to bomb hospitals and rape women as if such a thing was always the norm. We are descending into barbarism at an increasing rate.

Money is always a problem in resolving such issues. Despite the fact that the world spends $25 billion dollars it really should need $15 billion dollars more. It is much more than money that is a problem, it is also who spends it. Right now it is non-governmental organizations that get the money and they in turn sub-contract to local organizations. Local groups should probably get the money upfront as they would know where the best areas to spend the money are. Right now only 1% get the money upfront.

We have, according to John Ging, director of filed operations for the United Nations, a deficit of humanity. Despite the fact that some have expressed misgivings about such a summit at least the problems are now out in the open and not brushed aside. Shining a light on how inhuman some can be perhaps can awaken the conscience of those same individuals. In the long run it cannot hurt more than staying silent.


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