Apple vs the F.B.I

For the past few weeks a battle has been brewing between these two giants. The heart of the matter is this; can a law-enforcement agency force a commercial company to create a piece of software that would disable a security mechanism that protects the privacy of its users.

The FBI says that it needs to access the iphone of a terrorist as valuable information may be on that phone. It is a valid request. It also says that it would be for this just one phone.

Apple counters by saying that once this piece of software is applied to this phone, all other iphones would be vulnerable. Once the genie is out, you cannot put it back in. They say that giving access to the phone could potentially endanger the lives of people. Some countries who infringe on human rights would love to have this piece of software. Think what countries such as Saudi Arabia or Pakistan could do. Authoritarian regimes all over the world salivate at the thought that a judge would give this power to the F.B.I.

I firmly side with Apple on this. Privacy is important, more so now than ever before. With all the spying that the NSA is doing as well as other foreign governments private commercial companies should resist being seen as agents of the government. Let the government go to court and get an order from the court. Apple must resist this to the bitter end. On that front, the somewhat accommodating comments from Mr.Microsft himself Bill Gates were less than stellar. I would be ashamed if I were him. He did try to justify himself but the damage was done.

More than ever the average citizen out there should be intelligent when surfing the net. Whenever possible encryption software should be used. We should be suspicious of any government who wants more and more access to our private lives. We all know that governments are notorious for their inability to keep secrets. Let’s hope that the courts in the United States will side with Apple. Already just last week a judge ruled in favour of the software company. Apple has made the case that forcing them to write software to disable the software protecting the iphones would violate their First Amendment right and in the past courts have said that writing code is a form of free speech. The only hope now is that the courts do indeed see the bigger picture, not the fact that valuable information could be on that phone. Enough of our privacy has been eroded already. It is push back time!


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