El Chapo!

For those who do not know El Chapo is that Mexican drug lord that escaped prison last July and has now been duly recaptured, felled by his ego I suppose. I read in the New York Times an article that describes what he is; vain, egotistical and violent. When asked if he was a violent man he replied that he used violence only in self-defense!

At least he had the honesty to admit that indeed he was running a drug cartel. The last time he was interviewed he had said that he was a poor farmer…

In the end it was his thirst for fame that did him in. He wanted to participate in a movie that was to be made about him and he was in contact with actors and producers that were to make it happen. The Mexican forces were aware of these contacts and in some way were able to get to him.

He clearly was living in a delusional world. When asked how he wanted to die, he replied in his sleep.

I do not know what is worse; that Sean Penn interviewed a criminal on the run or the fact that Rolling Stone magazine who did the interview let the criminal review the piece before it was printed. To me both are objectionable and exhibit an appalling lack of judgment. From Sean Penn I am not surprised but from the Rolling Stone magazine I am. After all, it does have a reputation to be serious and wants to be taken seriously. I suppose that now people will wonder about that.


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