The buying and selling of weapons.

I read an interesting article last week in the New York Times about who sold what on the global scene in respect to weapons. No surprise that the leader was the United States, accounting for fully 50% of the market. Russia was second and Sweden was third. I was surprised to see Sweden in such a high position. It just does not sound right for a so called social democracy.

The top buyer of arms was South Korea and most of these weapons were bought from the United States. No surprise there as the threat of North Korea has not diminished in recent years. I do not see any problems in two democracies buying and selling weapons from each other. Where I draw the line is when poor developing countries buy weapons from the larger and well developed countries, and in 2014 this totaled a whopping 62 billion dollars.

I find this to be quite immoral. Some of these poor countries are saddled with severe problems of poverty and yet, they spend money on weapons. In some cases, theses weapons are used on their own people. Surely a more developed country like the United States should be more morally concerned about aiding and abetting injustices, and having its weapons used in conflicts that have more to do about egos being bruised than legitimate self-defense. I am particularly appalled when some of these poor countries use these weapons on its own people, like the Egyptian state has done in the past.

I am concerned when I hear that the Saudi government has bought from Canada tanks and other military hardware, even if it is justified that it is for its domestic market. Translation; we will use this against our own people who might want forcibly to change the system. In other words, we will be aiding and abetting the royal Saudi family in continuing its illegitimate reign in Saudi Arabia. Nothing to be proud of.


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