Oh yes, nostalgia for the old days is strong among baby boomers. I, being of the later baby boomers am sorely afflicted by this mental disease. It is very strange when one starts to remember the past.

First of all, we are quite selective. Only the good memories resurface. I would argue that this is a good thing. For example, I remember from my childhood that Pez dispensers were popular. These dispensers would give candy. Most of all I remember my matchbox cars. I had a whole bag of them which unfortunately my Mom probably gave away “to the poor” as she would say. I guess more needy is the p.c term nowadays.

What really reminds me of my childhood is the batmobile from Batman and Robin. I was fond of the 60’s series and had the car along with the figurines as well as the bat boat.

I remember taking them to a place called Trois-Pistoles near Rimouski as my Dad would often hunt there and would bring the family along. On that fateful day I had brought the batmobile along with everything else…and promptly lost them.

Fast forward 47 years later and lo and behold I want one again, just to remember those innocent days. And here starts the problem. The batmobile has been re-edited as a die-cast model for adult collectors, and the prices are artificially high. No doubt that the passing of George Barris, the man who created the batmobile has helped to inflate the prices. Of course one must make a choice; the high cost model at about 300 dollars? Or the very modest one at about 11 dollars? The 1/18 version or the 1/64 version? Is nostalgia priceless? Maybe, but not my bank account. I will stick with the 11 dollar version thank-you very much. For now.


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