The world’s sexiest robot!

When I read this article in the news I was surprised and amazed. This was the stuff of science fiction only a few years ago and now it is reality; a female robot that looks and appears like a real woman. Hurrah for all the single guys!

Her name is Geminoid F, and she was the star attraction at last weeks World Robot Conference in Beijing, China. I did not even know that such conferences existed. This rubber skin android can even speak, sing and act. She already has a small part in a Japanese movie.

The article also mentions that she was modeled on a twenty year old woman and that even her silica-gel skin can age and will have to be replaced after two years. I must admit that when I saw her I was awed at how much she looks human.

The article mentions that the people at the conference were very interested in her communication abilities, but some also mentioned that she was “hot”, and felt that she would be suitable as a mate in the future.

I have to say that the pictures of this robot gives me the creeps. She looks very human and yet appears odd. She appears very synthetic and cold and her lack of emotions are quite apparent to the human eye. I suspect that she would not pass the Turing test. The Turing test for those who do not know implies that a robot can fool a human in thinking that he or she is talking to another human being, without looking at the appearance of the robot. In other words, a blind test, just looking at words coming from a computer screen. This has been done only perhaps once, and that depends on who you choose to believe. There seems to be a hard test and an easy one.

I suspect that in the future these robots will even be more human, and this makes me wonder, how will we be able to differentiate them from us humans? Would they become our overlords in a distant future? Visions of the Terminator movies swirl in my head…


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