The inhumanity of Man.

Once again Man’s thuggish instincts have reared their ugly head. In the middle of a civilized country a group of terrorists inflicted maximum pain on innocent civilians. Paris is reeling from the shock, and so are all civilized people all over the world.

The details of the attack are still sketchy, but we know that at least 7 or 8
terrorists struck several Parisian targets. At least some of the terrorists had the good sense of killing themselves. That is several less of them. At last count more than 129 people have been killed, and more than 300 have been injured. Words fail to express the sorrow and pain that ordinary citizens feel all over the world. Make no mistake, one day it could be us, in any city of this planet.

Of course there was a failure of intelligence, and that is the scary part. If we
did not know it, we know it now; it is impossible to be secure in one’s country at 100%. Because we live in a liberal democracy, at least in Canada, one must expect that opponents of freedom and democracy can and will find loopholes. That is unavoidable. The right balance between freedom and a police state must be found. I prefer to err on the side of freedom, and accept more risk in my day to day living.

Vive la France!



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