No to dirty oil.

The president has finally decided; no to the Keystone XL pipeline that was supposed to bring the oil from the tar sands to the United States. It was a predictable decision on the part of the president. Oil has been cheap and plentiful for several years now. The United States is now a net exporter of oil, a reversal from several years back. The necessity for this pipeline was simply not there. The real nail in the coffin was the approaching climate change conference coming up in December in Paris, France. How could an American president go to that conference and say with a straight face that he intends to combat climate change and yet say yes to a pipeline that would bring dirty oil from Alberta. It simply would not make sense.

For Canada and the new government, this decision was a foregone conclusion. The new government knew that. What hurts Canada is the label “dirty oil” that the President stuck on the tar sands. It was a needless prick in the soft underbelly of the oil industry which is right now suffering from very low prices. In Alberta thousands of workers have been laid off due to this glut in oil on the market as well as weak demand. To be labelled as well as “dirty oil” is compounding the problem.


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