The meat and cancer scare.

The big news this week that struck my imagination was of course the meat and cancer association. As usual, the media jumped on this as if this was a slam dunk, that we must stop eating all meats or face getting cancer. Of course it is not as simple as this.

First, the risk of getting cancer from eating meat is still low, even for a strong meat eater. Smoking and lack of exercise are all much more serious cancer causing agents than eating 50 grams of meat everyday. However, if one adds all of them together, than eating meats on a regular basis could be the tipping point.

Full disclosure from me here; I rarely eat meat, and usually it would be chicken. If I go to the big yellow arches I usually eat the fish sandwiches. As I grew older I ate less and less meat, and I suspect that something like that probably occurs to a lot of people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. This report about meat will simply comfort those who for years have shied away from meats, and will no doubt give more urgency to those sitting on the fence. For the others, the real carnivores, this report will not change their eating habits. I suspect that these people are the same that smoke and drink to excess. It is probably the same crowd that does not exercise and probably does not even believe in putting their seat-belts on. In short, some people will never change their destructive habits. We reap what we sow.


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