The Canadian election.

I was very happy this last Monday when the people of Canada decided to opt for change in a massive way and elected the Liberals with a strong majority. The Liberals caught fire towards the end of the election and this propelled them to a massive victory.

I am hopeful that this new government, more gentle in its policies towards its people and the world, will act as a force for good on the world stage and will help us work towards a more peaceful world, one where the plights of people and the effects of various government policy will be seriously examined before being implemented.

Mr. Trudeau is invested with the hopes of millions of people, somewhat like Barack Obama was in his first term. He is bound to disappoint some people, that is to be expected. One man alone, even with the machinery of government at his disposal, cannot undue quickly the harm done to the Canada brand by 9 years of Conservative policies. But at least he will start the rollback of insensible policies such as with the refugee crisis or with the bombing of ISIS.


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