Are killer robots the future of war?

A few weeks ago was held a conference on robots and how they could change how wars are prosecuted. Most people assume it seems that having robots in wars would be a mistake and that they could seriously harm humans. But as others have said, robots don’t get scared and don’t get emotional in tough situations. In short, a case can be made that we rapidly need to deploy robots on the battlefield as they will save human lives more than they will kill them.

What is probably the most scary is those robots who can think and act on their own, without human intervention. Having humans killed by robots and treated as things to eliminate is an unsavoury thought. Visions of the Terminator movies spring to mind of course.

Some are saying that we should immediately ban such weapons, preventing their uses as well as research. In short, kill the problem while it is small. One problem; the enemies of freedom and democracy would surely not abide by any bans and so could through research and development achieved mastery of a future battlefield.

It seems to me that effort should be put into defensive weaponry, using robots to protect us solely and deter others. That would be the best option. Having a universal ban on robots in war zones is merely wishful thinking. If we do not use them, our enemies will eventually to our disadvantage. Yes to robots on the battlefield, but robots who obey their masters at all times or who obey them through strict rules written in software.

P.S Tomorrow is voting day for all Canadians. If you are eligible make sure you vote. Vote for change.


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