Letting go.

We always seem to be fighting yesterday’s battles. We remember that day when we came up with the short end of the stick and we are still trying to fix it, even if it is long past fixing. We try to imagine ways where we could have won this or that argument with someone, but that someone forgot that battle a long time ago and yet you have not. Losing that argument still rankles you. If only you had done this or that, or had said things differently.

We do the best we can at the time that things happen, and that is all. Letting go is essential if we want to move forward. Unfortunately for us our ego has trouble forgetting losing an argument. Of course, this depends on how big is your ego, for if some have it under control, others are beyond reigning it. Think Donald Trump for example. Some of us have long memories, and that is to our disadvantage.

I am no different than anyone else as I too, sometimes, have a long memory and unfortunately I seem to remember all too well when I was wronged by someone. I would say that it feels worse when it involves family matters. It is hard to forgive and forget in those situations but we must if we want to move forward. We just have to let go, and let the past be the past. It cannot be changed.


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