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The Canadian election.

I was very happy this last Monday when the people of Canada decided to opt for change in a massive way and elected the Liberals with a strong majority. The Liberals caught fire towards the end of the election and this propelled them to a massive victory.

I am hopeful that this new government, more gentle in its policies towards its people and the world, will act as a force for good on the world stage and will help us work towards a more peaceful world, one where the plights of people and the effects of various government policy will be seriously examined before being implemented.

Mr. Trudeau is invested with the hopes of millions of people, somewhat like Barack Obama was in his first term. He is bound to disappoint some people, that is to be expected. One man alone, even with the machinery of government at his disposal, cannot undue quickly the harm done to the Canada brand by 9 years of Conservative policies. But at least he will start the rollback of insensible policies such as with the refugee crisis or with the bombing of ISIS.


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Are killer robots the future of war?

A few weeks ago was held a conference on robots and how they could change how wars are prosecuted. Most people assume it seems that having robots in wars would be a mistake and that they could seriously harm humans. But as others have said, robots don’t get scared and don’t get emotional in tough situations. In short, a case can be made that we rapidly need to deploy robots on the battlefield as they will save human lives more than they will kill them.

What is probably the most scary is those robots who can think and act on their own, without human intervention. Having humans killed by robots and treated as things to eliminate is an unsavoury thought. Visions of the Terminator movies spring to mind of course.

Some are saying that we should immediately ban such weapons, preventing their uses as well as research. In short, kill the problem while it is small. One problem; the enemies of freedom and democracy would surely not abide by any bans and so could through research and development achieved mastery of a future battlefield.

It seems to me that effort should be put into defensive weaponry, using robots to protect us solely and deter others. That would be the best option. Having a universal ban on robots in war zones is merely wishful thinking. If we do not use them, our enemies will eventually to our disadvantage. Yes to robots on the battlefield, but robots who obey their masters at all times or who obey them through strict rules written in software.

P.S Tomorrow is voting day for all Canadians. If you are eligible make sure you vote. Vote for change.

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Letting go.

We always seem to be fighting yesterday’s battles. We remember that day when we came up with the short end of the stick and we are still trying to fix it, even if it is long past fixing. We try to imagine ways where we could have won this or that argument with someone, but that someone forgot that battle a long time ago and yet you have not. Losing that argument still rankles you. If only you had done this or that, or had said things differently.

We do the best we can at the time that things happen, and that is all. Letting go is essential if we want to move forward. Unfortunately for us our ego has trouble forgetting losing an argument. Of course, this depends on how big is your ego, for if some have it under control, others are beyond reigning it. Think Donald Trump for example. Some of us have long memories, and that is to our disadvantage.

I am no different than anyone else as I too, sometimes, have a long memory and unfortunately I seem to remember all too well when I was wronged by someone. I would say that it feels worse when it involves family matters. It is hard to forgive and forget in those situations but we must if we want to move forward. We just have to let go, and let the past be the past. It cannot be changed.

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Is your glass half-empty or half-full?

I admit, I see the glass half empty on most days. It is probably a quirk of my personality, of my genetic make-up. I would not call myself a pessimist, just someone who way too often sees that I am missing things that other people seem to have in spades. Due to my solitary nature I have few friends. I do not mind, unfortunately books do not talk back to you, and e-books even less!

Comparing oneself to others is not a recipe for happiness, for we are bound to find someone who is better than us, in all sorts of ways. I suppose that to feel good about ourselves we should focus on our shortcomings, and try to be better than we were a year ago. Our only competition should be ourselves. That is the only thing that matters in the end, if we can better ourselves. Trying to best others is really a recipe for unhappiness as we will always want more and crave more. We must be satisfied with what we have, especially if once the necessaries of life have been obtained.

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