Despicable, heartless and soulless.

By now everyone has seen the picture of that little boy, only three years old, dead on a Turkish beach. He was trying to find freedom from danger along with his dad, his mother and another brother. Only the dad survived.

When one looks at the reaction of the European countries, one can only feel revulsion. Who opened their hearts and their borders to these refugees? Turkey, Greece, and Italy. To which one can add tiny Belgium and mighty Germany. Turkey has already admitted two million of them. Turkey, a Muslim country, is stepping up to the plate and showing the way, shaming in the process so called Christian countries who only offer bureaucratic excuses. Shame on them.

It was most interesting for me to see the reactions of Britain, Hungary, Australia and Canada. Of the four, only Hungary is not a rich country. And yet, its Prime Minister openly despised these migrants. One thing to note, is that all four of these governments are conservative.

Britain until a few days ago was steadfast in its refusal to admit more people. Australia is in my opinion one of the worst offenders; it even pays those same captains bringing the migrants in to go back from where they come from. The policy of Australia is to refuse all these migrants. Shameful.

And what about Canada, my home country? I am ashamed of the reaction of my Prime Minister. We were supposed to admit 10,000 Syrians over four years, but so far, only 1000 had been admitted. The reason is simple; too much bureaucracy, the favourite tool of these deadbeat governments.

I am ashamed to be a Canadian when I hear my Prime Minister say that the best way to stop the migrants exodus….is to win the war against Isis! As if bombing from 30,000 feet will solve the problem. In the meantime people are dying on the open seas.

In the 1970’s Canada flew to the rescue of the boat people, those Vietnamese citizens fleeing their ravaged country. We even sent ships to pick them up. More than 40,000 thousand of them came to Canada, without even proper papers. And why was that? Because when people are dying, you don’t ask for paperwork. Only a mindless bureaucrat would ask for that. It seems that we have them in spades here.

One cannot pass over the fact that the Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar have accepted no refugees. None. Despite the fact that they are Muslims as well. All of these leaders are heartless and soulless. It hurts to see my Prime Minister in that group.

If you are a Canadian, you can change things by voting on October 19, vote for those migrants who would love one day to vote too in our country. Vote for change.


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