Infernal machines.

I might have told you dear reader that I am an amateur photographer. There is nothing more than I like than taking pictures in a natural surrounding. There is something serene and peaceful that fills my heart with pure joy. Usually. But when you enter a place that is supposed to be peaceful and it is not then I get frustrated. More than that, I get angry.

I entered my park one morning very early, around 07:00. For the next three hours all I did was trying to escape from the incessant and infernal noise of the leaf-blower. Have you ever heard that noise dear reader? It is similar to a chainsaw except it is slightly less hard on the ears. But only slightly. Now imagine three of these infernal machines well spaced out thus giving the illusion that I was being pursued by them.

I did try to walk away from it, walking great distances but each time, I was soon engulfed in the noise of those machines. Now, if I thought that using these machines made city workers more productive I would not be unhappy of that. Sadly, I do not believe that such is the case. What is more bizarre is that not all workers were using them. I passed by one such worker who instead of a machine was using that old technological tool called a rake and was thus busy using this low-tech implement to collect dead leaves that littered the area. However, as my gaze was on him, he stopped and took an unscheduled break. He then began doing calisthenics, as if he needed to limber up for the job! Raking leaves!

I thought about taking a picture to shame him but then demurred. He was young and I knew that raking leaves was never an activity that encouraged enthusiasm. I could remember that back when I was young there were many activities that literally bore me to death and I often did them in a lackadaisical manner. I was thus happy to return the favour of not taking a picture and embarrassing him.

In the end I decided to accept that today was not a perfect day and that perhaps tomorrow would be better. It was pointless for me to be angry with the gods for permitting this sacrilege of my morning. There would be other mornings and I knew that once Spring cleaning was over the park would return to a more serene nature.


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