Feeling like chicken s**t today!

It has happened to most of us at some time or another. You wake up one morning and you have the blues. You do not feel right. The urge to do anything is absent. In other words, the forces of inertia work against you; an object at rest stays at rest unless something pushes it. You are at rest and you stay like that, for most of the day. I prefer to say that when this happens I feel like chicken shit. It summarizes my mental state perfectly as well as adding a touch of humour to the situation.

Such was my state last week I am afraid to report and on a Monday no less. For some reason I hate Monday’s with a vengeance. If I could simply skip Monday’s and go on to Tuesday I would be perfectly happy. Alas, this is impossible.

I awoke that morning in a state of lethargy impossible to describe, but I will try nonetheless for you, dear reader. Just the act of deciding was difficult. What to do, where to go etc. I finally did manage to decide and went for a walk. Once a goal is identified it becomes a lot easier to feel better, especially if one acts.

Unfortunately, once in the park, I simply sat there observing people play tennis or bicycle along the perimeter of the park. I too have a bike but just the thought of bringing it down three flight of stairs discouraged me. One must remember that my energy level was fairly low as well on that day.

I basically spent my morning walking and sitting, not exactly a taxing kind of morning. But then, just getting out of bed was a big effort! And tying those shoe laces…Yes, I am slightly exaggerating how things went. But I also knew that even if I just went through the motions today tomorrow would be a better day.

I have discovered this in the process; a good night’s sleep often solves the problem. Add to the mix a bit of mild exercise such as a walk and the mood definitely improves. If it does not, dear reader, then please consult as you may have more deeper problems to solve. And please don’t wait, don’t leave things to fester. Better attack it when it is a small hill rather than a mountain.


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