Do you choose to choose?

I was reading recently a web article in The New York Times edition in the philosophy section where in it the author was discussing the predicament of choosing or not choosing. It seems that now, some states in the United States will assume that if you are 18 and older you will be automatically registered as a voter for example. In Canada, if I check a box on my income tax forms I am automatically registered as such.

The author of the article discusses the pros and cons of such measures, implying that sometimes it is okay to choose not to choose. We all suffer from procrastination and of course force of inertia can be terribly hampering. Sometimes just leaving things as is can be the best solution. In other words, default settings can be just fine, but not all the time. Sometimes we must choose higher standards over the lower ones.

I must say that often I find myself in a default position, more out of laziness than out of a deliberate choice. What does this say about me? You are right, I am a lazy bum and yet, I manage quite well. I simply choose when I have to, when it is very much required of me or when not choosing would land me in hot water or worse. Laziness in our modern societies is very much underrated in my opinion. Sometimes doing less is really doing more, especially when the future is uncertain and time is short.


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