Let it all hang out!

I was on a bus last Sunday returning home from my day when suddenly, at a stop, an elderly woman got aboard. What attracted my attention was not her dress, it was very ordinary. Nor was it her shirt, again very bland. She was probably in her early sixties and definitely had seen better days. No, what attracted my attention were her breasts. They seemed to have migrated to her hips!

I understand dear reader your shock at reading this sentence. Usually when one talks about migrations one thinks about birds and other sort of animals, not a pair of breasts. Imagine me, who saw this strange vision coming towards me. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra and probably did not care for it. An old hippie of the 60’s perhaps I thought. But still, how could she go in public like that?

One must assume that she must have seen herself in a mirror before she stepped out of her house. How could she have thought that she looked fine? Unless she thought that her breasts hanging on her hips was a sexy thing? Maybe for a 20 year old, but not in your 60’s.

The worst part of it all was that she sat right in front of me and definitely and strangely looked at me while I desperately tried to avoid this vision of horror. I could see her looking at me from the corner of my eye while I was looking through the window just at my left. Obliquely I could see that she had fixated me at the beginning and then looked away. Perhaps she had seen my jaw drop to the floor when she entered the bus.

Now let us be honest, no one looks good as they age, and of course I must include myself. But when old people start dressing in bizarre ways and appear very strange in public, then I draw the line. We all have seen men in their 60’s and 70’s with their pants up to the armpits, or so it seemed. Is this the women’s version of being strange when you are old by wearing your breasts on your hips? I hope not because if it is I am running to the hills and becoming a hermit.


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