Know thyself.

This is an old saying that is often bantered about and yet it is full of truth. By knowing oneself one can make better decisions that are truer to who we are. Only we know what is good for us in the long term and what is to be avoided. Our true nature guides us in life if one obeys and respects the essence of who we are, what makes us tick. It is an inner compass that never fails to show us our true north.

The good news is that generally, as one gets older, this compass is everpresent in us and rises to the occasion. It is sad to see someone fighting this inner urge and attempting to suppress it by drinking to excess or taking drugs. This only brings down the individual and makes it even harder to follow his inner compass.

It is never too late to listen to that little voice that pushes us in a certain direction, despite us at times. Perhaps we should give in more often and see how it turns out. The alternative will be a life of repression of our true calling and the world will be poorer for that.


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