The fork in the road.

We all have experienced these forks in the road of life. At times they are obvious but sometimes they are not. Often it is only when we reminisce that we see where the forks were and of course by that time too much time has elapsed. Often we must choose despite the fact that we do not have all the information. In some cases the information is impossible to obtain while in others, it is simply concealed from us. We know that the moment is important and yet, we hesitate; which way is the correct way?

We ask ourselves and we ask questions, but if the wrong questions are asked we do not get the right answers. Or so we think. And if we do get answers they often lead us to more questions. And so on.

I’ve had my share of facing a fork in the road and knowing that potentially it could affect me for years to come and yet I was utterly clueless on how to answer the call. Some have said that in the face of impossible choices flipping a coin would be appropriate but to me that would be a cop-out, a selling out to the gods of mercy and chance. Still, I have read that if two alternatives presented to us are of equal strength flipping a coin and letting chance decide was the best thing to do. At least you are advancing and if the choice was not a good one you would have learned something; never trust providence to make important decisions for you.


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