Living as a Zombie.

Are you a zombie? No, not one of those supernatural creatures who rise from the dead but those who go through life like mindless robots, who work to live and live to work. These zombies lead a life where passion is absent and where booze and drugs combined with television deaden the mind.

They are the ones who proudly say that they have not read a book since they have graduated from high school and that they can’t wait to get home from work so they can pop a cold one, and then another, and then another and so on. I never understood that kind of life. Perhaps if they were to spend more time in nature, in walking rather than driving, then maybe they would stop being zombies and would remember what it is to be a human being.

And now with all those intelligent phones everywhere you have to be careful if you don’t want to collide with them. With their beady eyes glued to their small screen they walk towards you in an absent-minded way, too busy sending and responding to texts and oblivious to where they are. I nearly collide with these individuals on a regular basis and it is I who has to step aside to avoid the collision! Nothing is worse than walking behind them when suddenly they stop in their tracks. Luckily I am still a human being and not an appendage of my phone and I am aware of what I am doing at all times.

Living as a zombie is not fun, but until you realize this by yourself you will always look askew at those who like me are not tethered to technological instruments. I use these instruments at times but I am not their servants but the master, something that these zombies cannot understand. They live as slaves and do not understand their condition. Woe to the zombies, and may they wake up one day to be fully human again. Until then, I will continue to step aside when I meet them on the sidewalks, for their sake and mine.


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