Construction, cities and people.

Everywhere I look I see giant cranes that are busy building condos and every other sort of buildings in between. This hustle and bustle never stops and it never ceases to amaze me how cities, like an organism, grow and expand. I began to reflect on this analogy; and what about our own personal growth, do we personally continue to grow as well? Of course I do not mean growth in the obvious way but in self-improvement, this intangible area of our lives.

For some people this word means nothing at all. “What?” they all exclaim, as if improving themselves was a ridiculous idea. For some, they have already achieved the pinnacle of improvement, and we all know that if one is perfect one cannot improve. We all know someone like that. Yes, some people seem to have a high opinion of themselves and they can do no wrong. In that group one often finds politicians and other petty bureaucrats. Without a doubt they strongly believe that they are always right and you the customer/citizen is in the wrong. They know better of course.

But there are some people who understand that one can always be a better person and that our psychological development should never end. Of course, this necessitates some sort of introspection and a willingness to explore our mind and see what cobwebs are lurking there. And once these cobwebs are identified then one must decide to do something about them. Since there are many steps to becoming a better person most people never even go past the first step, that of acknowledging that there is some sort of shortcoming in their personality. Most people will try to evade the problem or will try to deny that there is a problem such that in some cases it might take years before an individual decides to act. This struggle in our minds between what we know we should do and how we act is never-ending. Only some lucky souls have the courage to correctly identify the problem and then the courage to act on the solution promptly. At times the solution is forced upon us and willy-nilly we accept it because we have no choice. Either we change voluntarily or something worse will happen if we persist in our pernicious ways.

We are not unlike a city in fact; we too can grow and expand, but in our case it must be by a conscious choice. One individual deciding that things must change and that they will. For a city to change in a positive way many individuals must agree to that change and this often at the highest level. In that aspect at least, it is far easier for people to enact change in their lives as you have only to consult with yourself and act. But in both cases though, the reality of the current situation must be acknowledged if change is to occur. And that is where the rub is; reality is evaded and negative situations persist, to the detriment of the individual.

Three cheers to reality! And may we all see clearly through the fog that envelops our minds the actions we must take to be better persons.


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