Chapter 27.

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The professor assembles his team.


Jerry Grugen wasted no time in assembling his team, picking the best and brightest of the biology department, the physics department as well as the engineering department. Two students from each department were chosen, the best and the brightest, and as soon as they were assembled they began to attack the problem.

“Well Mr.Grugen, how will we adapt the chamber that will hold the being?” asked Susan Price, a top engineer student.

“The chamber really doesn’t require much adaptation, only perhaps putting in three large nozzles in the chamber; one at the top and two others on the sides. The chamber would then be flooded by the gas and this in turn will solidify the being.”

“Will it kill it?” asked Tom Pratts, another stellar student from the physics department.

“Most probably. If we use liquid nitrogen on contact parts of the being would crystallize and shatter. I think that we have to calculate how much liquid nitrogen will be needed. I am in favor of this gas.”

“But what about dry ice? Didn’t you say that it could also work in this case?” asked Susan.

“Most probably. But there are complications in both cases. Let us first examine the chamber and see where the modifications are needed.” said the professor.

Grugen and his team began looking over the chamber. It was small, about 8 feet tall and two feet wide. It basically looked like a jar that was mostly made of metal with one window directly in the middle of it. Adapting it to the task required three more holes to be bored in the chamber so that the nozzles could be connected. The liquid or gas would then flow through the nozzles and into the chamber, killing the being hopefully.

The transformation of the chamber was easy enough and in less than a few days the adjustments had been made. The delicate task of deciding on the liquid was reserved to the two physics students and the professor. Eventually, all agreed that liquid nitrogen would be the best option. It would have to be compressed into a gas and then injected into the chamber through the three nozzles once the being was known to be there.

It took another day before the compressor and the nitrogen needed for a test was assembled, but finally they were ready for the test. The chamber had been modified, the three nozzles installed and enough liquid nitrogen had been bought. The professor now had to notify Detective Strong.

“Detective, this is Jerry Grugen. We are ready when you are.” said the professor, satisfied of his work.

“Well done Jerry!” exulted Strong. “So now we are ready for the test. Can we do it this afternoon?”

“Sure we can. How about 13:00?”

“Perfect. I’ll be there.” Strong hung up and looked at his watch; it was 10:45. Just enough time to pay a visit to Horn and then a quick lunch before the test.


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