Chapter 24.

The Detective and  the solution.



Detective Strong was still walking in the park and trying to think of a solution when an idea struck him; if Horn and his shadow were the problem then the solution had to involve Horn to solve the equation. The shadow that kills must be reunited with Horn. Perhaps an electrical current through Horn at the right moment might do this but when was the right moment? He knew that he was grasping at straws. But this was a novel problem that required out-of-the-box- thinking. Of course, thought Strong, when Horn is angry that should be the moment to attempt something. It seems that the shadow kills people that have angered Horn, so maybe if Horn is provoked the shadow will retaliate against that person. But how to protect that individual from the deathly grips of the shadow?

Strong knew that the solution was right in front of him. If he could protect the person who angers Horn, and then have a dialog with the shadow, perhaps some sort of understanding could occur. It was clear that without Horn no solution was possible. One other solution suddenly struck the imagination of Strong; perhaps if they re-created the conditions that led to the separation of the shadow from Horn they could understand what really happened and how to solve this problem.

After thinking about the problem, Strong thought that the best thing to do was first to re-create the circumstances that led to the separation of the shadow from Horn and then perhaps a solution will emerge. He decided to call Fisher.

“Fisher, are you still following Horn?”

“Yes, of course. He is still in his home.”

“Alright then. I want you to go in and wait for me there. I will be coming there shortly and we will examine all three of us the case.”

“What are we going to do?” asked Fisher.

“Well, I want to re-create the circumstances that led to the events that Horn described to us. We didn’t take him seriously before but now, we really have to understand what happened. Maybe the solution lies there. Once we understand this then maybe we can provoke something with the shadow and solve the problem once and for all.”

“I guess its worth the shot. But what if we still can’t solve this?” asked Fisher.

“The shadow will continue to kill each time that Horn gets angry about something or someone. We might have to take extreme measures that might involve rendering him unconscious for a while or in an induced coma. Horn won’t like that and that’s why we won’t tell him of this extreme measure.”

“Alright, so that means that once you’re here we’ll discuss with Horn how to go about this, right?”

“Exactly. At least we’ll have a plan of action based on what Horn will tell us. In five minutes I’m there.” said Strong as he departed from the park.


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