Chapter 11.

The visit.


I was thinking after the detective left that I looked more and more like suspect number one on his list, and rightly so as I was connected to the murders through my past. Even the priest did not believe me. I knew that somehow that black smoke, my missing shadow and the murders were all connected. But I couldn’t tell the detective quite yet. For one thing, he would not believe me. Who could believe such a thing.

I was sorry that my temper had gotten the better of me when the detective asked questions and insinuated that I might be connected to the murders. A step more and he could have accused me of plotting the murders. No wonder I felt anger rising in me. Still, I was worried. What if another murder occurred and it was possible to connect it to me directly or indirectly?

I had to find someone who not only could believe me but could also offer solutions and then I remembered that there was that women that I had met once which could tell the future. She was some sort of psychic or medium well thought of in her community and her name was Madame Belle. Her office was in the downtown area and I thought that maybe she would believe me or maybe she would have heard of someone else with a tale like mine. It was worth the shot.

I was about to fish out the newspaper to find her address when I suddenly felt a tingling sensation at the back of my head. The little hairs on my arms then suddenly began to rise all at once and I was about to fall ill, nauseous to some strange invisible gas. I turned my head around and saw it, the black smoke.

It was right there in front of me. It had no shape or form, just a compact and dense smoke. I put my hands to my face, trying to shield my nose from the acrid smell that was emanating from this being. It was then that it assumed a corporeal shape. It was still black but now it had well defined arms and legs as well as a head. Everything was black but I could see that this being was my shadow. It was me. It then lifted up its hand and showed me one finger and then slowly showed me another finger. I understood that it signified it had killed twice. It then showed me another finger with the other hand, and very quickly dissolved itself, transforming into the black smoke once again and departed underneath my door. As soon as it left the acrid smell disappeared and my apparent nausea vanished as well.




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