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Chapter 13.

The Séance.



She asked me to position myself to the right of her, leaving an empty space between us. We were seated around a small and round table with in the middle of it incense burning in a small saucer. Frankly this was giving me a headache and I hated the smell of it all.

“Now Mr. Horn, put your left hand on the table along with the right and I will do the same. My small finger will touch yours and I will call the spirits.” she said.

“Fine, let’s do this.” I said. Both my hands were on the table and she touched my left hand slightly.

“Spirits are you here?” she asked in a loud voice. “Please answer me. I am calling the shadow of Mr. Horn.”

I looked at her intently. She had her eyes closed and was perspiring profusely. She seemed to be working hard but I was having second thoughts about all this. As I was looking at her I saw her sway slowly from left to right and then front-ward and backward. It was a good show she was putting on but of spirits none were seen. I was growing impatient and nudged her slightly with my little finger.

“Well? So far I see nothing, no spirits and especially not my shadow.” I looked at her and was visibly unhappy. Perhaps my face was showing my impatience because she looked at me with alarm.

“Mr. Horn, do not move. The spirits could be frightened by your actions.” she said in a defensive manner.

I resumed my silence. After thirty minutes I had had enough. Nothing was happening. She was still swaying in every directions, as if she was caught in some kind of invisible whirlwind. She did look at me once or twice but rapidly closed her eyes again. Obviously she was not the real thing, especially when she said to me that the shadow had spoken to her and that it would return to me soon. I wanted to believe this but I knew that that could not be. She was a liar and a fake and naturally I told her so.

“What? How dare you say that to me! I am well know in this town for my abilities.” she replied.

“Yes, well I would think that it would be your abilities to siphon off money from pigeons like me that your fame rests on! I will denounce you publicly, you can be sure of that!” I shouted excitedly as I got out from the table. I knew that my money was gone and I didn’t try to get it back.

“Get out, now! I don’t want to see you again!” she shrieked at me.

“And you won’t, you old bag!” I said as I violently closed the door behind me.

I was dejected. My only hope for a resolution to my problem had vanished and I was out 100 dollars on top of that. My anger mounted in me and I had thoughts of going to the police. I decided that perhaps it was best not to as they would laugh at my credulity. Everyone knows that psychic are fakes.

I walked home, brooding over my monetary loss and the fact that I had been had. Yes, I had enticed her to accept my proposition but she was a fraud and she knew it, playing on people’s weaknesses. I was angry at her and angry at myself for even thinking that she could be a solution to my problem. I had a headache, no doubt brought about by the smoke in the office and my anger. I finally reached my home and took a nap. I awoke several hours later, after having tossed and turned, thinking about that witch.

I was still slightly groggy from my nap when I put the television on. It was the news; another murder had occurred and the victim was the witch. My witch.


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Chapter 12.

Madame Belle.



I was desperate. I needed someone to believe me, someone who would be able to understand what I was going through and who could explain to me what was going on. Yes, most mediums are quacks, but maybe out of a thousand of them one may be closer to the truth than others, or so I thought. I remember my mother going to one of them and having her read her palm or look into tea leaves. It didn’t seem to help my mother much though.

As soon as the apparition had left I took out the newspaper and located the address of that woman. I stormed out of my apartment, took the bus and arrived in the downtown area in no time. Her office was located in the basement of a clothing store, very ordinary it seemed to me. I knocked at the door. The door opened very slowly and cautiously.

“Yes, who is it?” the woman asked. I could not see her face as the door was barely open.

“Madame Belle, is that you?” I asked cautiously.

“And who wants to know, who are you?” she asked defensively. I thought that it was a strange reaction on her part. After all, she needed customers and if not, why advertise in the papers?

“My name is Walter Horn. Can I see you now?” I asked in a small voice, pleading for an interview with her.

“It is very early young man and I am sure that you don’t have an appointment. Isn’t that so?”

“It’s true that I don’t have an appointment, but I must see you. I am being pursued by something that belongs to me.” I did not want to be too specific for now.

“I only do readings and tea leaves. Nothing more. If something is after you well go to the police.” she exclaimed loudly.

“I will pay you double your normal rate.” I had to entice her.

“My rate for a reading is 50 dollars per hour. Will you double it then?”

“Yes and I’ll pay you before the reading begins to show that I am serious.” That clinched it. Slowly the chain went off the door and the door opened wide. I advanced in the semi-darkness of the room and a woman appeared. She was old, perhaps 70 or 80, and very wrinkled. She touched a switch and suddenly light illuminated her office.

“Now give me the money and sit down at the table.” she ordered me in a loud voice. I surmised that she was probably slightly deaf.

“Here it is, 100 dollars, as I said. Now can we talk?” I asked.

“Of course, and about what? Don’t you want a reading?”

“Yes, but first let me explain why I am here.” I took a deep breath and tried to recall all that had happened to me. I told her about the murders and about the black smoke pursuing me and taunting me and how I believed that it was my shadow that was involved in those murders. Her expression went from surprise to disbelief and then to horror. I finally asked her point-blank.

“So, can you help me? Have you had a client like me before with such a problem?” I examined her face anxiously for signs.

“No, I must say that your story is unique. And you told me that the priest that you consulted thought that the devil was pursuing you and was responsible for those murders?”

“Yes, this is what he told me but frankly, I can’t believe that.”

“And why not, it seems like a perfectly possible explanation to me.” she said loudly.

“The explanation was too simple. He simply applied what he thought about spirits visiting people in his religion and applied them to me. I am telling you that it was my shadow, who separated from me and it is that shadow that is killing people.” I replied.

The medium looked at me and threw up her hands in the air. “What can I do for you, call a séance and ask for help from the spirits? Or maybe entice your shadow to come here and communicate through me?”

“Yes,” I said. “That would be the right thing to do. Lets have a séance and call my spirit or another spirit and entice my shadow to come here, that could put an end to it, don’t you think?”

“Well, if you say so, I am willing to try this out. But of course I cannot guarantee the results and there is no refund of your money if it does not work, understood?” She looked at me sternly, as if I needed a reminder that I had already paid and it was final.

“Okay let’s do it.” I replied.

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Chapter 11.

The visit.


I was thinking after the detective left that I looked more and more like suspect number one on his list, and rightly so as I was connected to the murders through my past. Even the priest did not believe me. I knew that somehow that black smoke, my missing shadow and the murders were all connected. But I couldn’t tell the detective quite yet. For one thing, he would not believe me. Who could believe such a thing.

I was sorry that my temper had gotten the better of me when the detective asked questions and insinuated that I might be connected to the murders. A step more and he could have accused me of plotting the murders. No wonder I felt anger rising in me. Still, I was worried. What if another murder occurred and it was possible to connect it to me directly or indirectly?

I had to find someone who not only could believe me but could also offer solutions and then I remembered that there was that women that I had met once which could tell the future. She was some sort of psychic or medium well thought of in her community and her name was Madame Belle. Her office was in the downtown area and I thought that maybe she would believe me or maybe she would have heard of someone else with a tale like mine. It was worth the shot.

I was about to fish out the newspaper to find her address when I suddenly felt a tingling sensation at the back of my head. The little hairs on my arms then suddenly began to rise all at once and I was about to fall ill, nauseous to some strange invisible gas. I turned my head around and saw it, the black smoke.

It was right there in front of me. It had no shape or form, just a compact and dense smoke. I put my hands to my face, trying to shield my nose from the acrid smell that was emanating from this being. It was then that it assumed a corporeal shape. It was still black but now it had well defined arms and legs as well as a head. Everything was black but I could see that this being was my shadow. It was me. It then lifted up its hand and showed me one finger and then slowly showed me another finger. I understood that it signified it had killed twice. It then showed me another finger with the other hand, and very quickly dissolved itself, transforming into the black smoke once again and departed underneath my door. As soon as it left the acrid smell disappeared and my apparent nausea vanished as well.



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Chapter 10.

Detective Strong and the Trent case.



I was back home enjoying my day off when the phone rang. “Mr. Horn, this is detective Strong. I wonder if I could pass by today and ask you some more questions.”

“Well I told you everything that I knew about that girl, you know. I really cannot think of something that I forgot to mention to you.” I didn’t understand his persistence in asking me more questions. I was afraid that eventually through more questioning he would see how much I hated my ex-girlfriend.

“Mr. Horn, this is not about your ex-girlfriend, its about your ex-boss, Andrew Trent.”

“Well what about him. I left him a good 10 years ago.” I was amazed that the detective wanted to talk about my ex-boss.

“I know Mr. Horn. The problem is that he was found dead a few nights ago in his warehouse. It was in the papers you know. Did you not read that?

“No, not at all. I must have gone over it and missed it.” It wasn’t true. I rarely bought newspapers anymore and generally most local news bore me to death and I generally skipped them.

“This is why I want to ask you some more questions. Can I come now, or do you prefer to come to my office?

I didn’t like the sound of his voice. There was a hint of a threat against me, as if he believed that I was probably implicated in this murder. I had to play it cool. “You can come right now if you want, Detective Strong. I am not working today, my day off.”

“Alright then, I’ll arrive shortly, good-bye.”

“Okay then.” I hung up the phone and began thinking, how was it that first my ex-girlfriend gets killed and then my ex-boss? Isn’t it kind of amazing that coincidence? I mean, what are the odds that two murders in the city are connected to me through my past. I sat and wondered. And if I am asking myself these questions then I bet that the detective is asking himself the same questions. But I have no answers. I’m probably a suspect in the eyes of the police. The buzzer rang and I knew that the detective was here.

“Hello detective, good to see you again.” In fact I wasn’t happy that I had to answer questions again, but I had to be civil and polite. I had no choice.

“Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.” he said.

“Well its quite alright. I am ready to answer any questions that you might have. Please take a seat,” I said as I walked towards my kitchen. “A coffee perhaps?” I asked.

“No, thanks. I must be frank with you, I am troubled by this association between these murders and you. First your ex-girlfriend and now your ex-boss. What a coincidence isn’t it?”

“Well, I can’t explain it. How can I? But there must be a rational explanation for these murders and the connection with me.”

“I would like you to tell me, in both cases, where were you when they happened. In other words Mr. Horn, is there someone that can vouch for you? Someone that can say positively that you were with them?” asked the detective.

I was not surprised when the detective said these words. He was practically accusing me of murder. He knew I had no alibi for the first murder and I had none for the second as well. My anger was rising with these false accusations. I decided to confront him and to bring it all in the open.

“Are you accusing me of murder detective? Is that it?” I asked.

“Not at all, Mr.Horn. It is normal procedure to ask people where they were in cases where the murder victim was in some way related to…”

“The suspects right? So you are suspecting that I might be involved in those murders!” I was indignant now and I was feeling the anger rising in me. I was being unjustly accused and I felt slighted by it.

“Mr. Horn, calm down. No one is accusing you of anything. If that were the case, you would be interrogated at the police station. As we are in your home, rest assured that I am simply trying to understand the causal relationship between the victims and you, that’s all. You must admit that it is strange.”

He was right after all. If they really believed that I was behind these murders I would be at the station, perhaps even held behind bars. I went overboard in my anger and indignation and I knew I had to re-compose myself. I was losing it and now was not the time to do so. I had to play it cool. “Alright, fine. As far as an alibi, the answer is that I have none. As both murders occurred in the evening, and I was home alone on both cases, no one can vouch for me.”

“That is a pity. My only concern was to be able to rule you out completely as a possible suspect. Now I can’t. I can still rule you out as a suspect simply on the basis that your relationship with the murder victims was in the distant past and you had no real motive for murder.” he said.

“Well thank-you very much for ruling me out at least partially.” I said in a mocking way. “I would point out to you that while you are asking me questions the real murderer is out there, perhaps even planning another murder.” I countered.

“What makes you think that there will be another murder?” The detective said as he frowned at me. That was probably one sentence too much that I had uttered.

“I was just assuming that as the two victims had nothing in common, a third victim was a possibility. Why should he stop at two?” I replied.

“It is interesting Mr. Horn that you believe that the murderer is a male and that he would go on killing. Frankly, it is possible that all this is simply a coincidence. Strange but possible. But I can assure that if we have a third victim and it turns out that the victim is again related to you in some way, I will have to seriously consider that either someone is trying to frame you or that you are the murderer!” said the detective.

I squirmed on my seat. I was about to let my temper get the better of me again but I held it back and smiled to the detective. “Let’s hope then that it stops at two.”

“Well Mr. Horn I will leave you now.” the detective said as he left the kitchen. We shook hands and he left me alone with my thoughts. I had a lot to think about. What if my shadow was involved in some way? And should I tell the detective about this?

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