Chapter 7.

Why me?



I took the bus home, still unsure of what to make of this nonsense. Now the shadow appears and now it doesn’t. And to appear just outside the police station! I was amazed at this brazen act. It seemed to be taunting me. There was no doubt in my mind that the murder of that girl and the black smoke were connected and yet, I still could not understood how this smoke could have killed her, except by being frightened, or so the police said. I admit that I was afraid of this apparition but that it could lead to death seemed to me far-fetched. I decided that it was best to try and forget this and prepare myself for work tomorrow morning. I went to bed early but could not sleep. In my mind I turned over and over the facts of my case; something or someone was pursuing me and now it seemed that it might be reaching back into my past and hurting people that had injured me. I thought the whole idea was ridiculous. At that thought, and after some more tossing and turning I slowly fell asleep. But not before an old employer of mine appeared in my thoughts.

Andrew Trent had been my first employer a long time ago. At first he had been a pleasant boss to work with but it soon turned into a nightmare. After some time had elapsed he had reverted to his true self; a mean son of a bitch who liked to squeeze his employees. He had begun asking me to stay longer and longer after regular hours, but he didn’t report these hours faithfully. When I complained that not all of my hours where on my pay slip he argued that it was normal! I was young but I wasn’t dumb. At some point he stopped even saying hello to me. He was an incredibly rude and nasty fellow when pushed around. After a few weeks of this I complained to the authorities about his way of doing business with his employees but when he was contacted by them he conveniently denied it all. He marched me in his office and we had a good old screaming match, with him at some point throwing a book at me. I simply took the hint and walked out, cursing him loudly. I could still hear his hideous laugh which sounded more like an animal than a human being. I had forgotten all about him until tonight as I lay in bed. Finally, after re-living this episode of my life I fell asleep.

I did not sleep well, tossing and turning and still thinking about my old boss. I dreamt that I was in his office, shouting and cursing at him. He responded but I took a chair and hammered him repeatedly until he was on the floor, simply a mass of tissue oozing blood and guts everywhere. I was smiling at what was left of him and continued hammering him till he simply disappeared. I awoke satisfied and smiling to myself. I got up and dressed, ready to go to work. Putting on the radio I heard the news; another murder had occurred and a black smoke had been seen in the vicinity of it. It was the same thing as in the murder of Nancy all over again.


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