Chapter 6.

The police asks questions.



The police began looking into the past of the unfortunate girl and identified her as Nancy Sweet. The case was given to Detective Strong, an experienced detective. He looked at the file and began to question all those who had previous dealings with the deceased and that included me, Walter Horn. I was asked to pay the police a visit to answer some questions. I arrived promptly at 09:00 am the next morning. I entered the station and after a few minutes of waiting a man came towards me.

“Hello, my name is Detective Strong. I am happy to see that you came quickly Mr. Horn.”

“Well I have nothing to hide about Nancy. We had our ups and down in our short relationship but nothing that was very serious.” I replied in a friendly manner.

“Here, let us sit down and talk. Do you want a cup of coffee?”

“No thanks. I had one already.” I sat down and looked around me while the Detective fished out the file of Nancy. He took some paper and pen and then looked at me carefully.

“Mr. Horn, could you tell me how long you dated Miss Sweet?”

“Well, it was a few years, maybe two I think. It was five years ago.”

“Fine. Now tell me, what was the reason of your break-up?”

“If I recall correctly, she dumped me for a lawyer.” I said, trying not to let my feelings spill out in an too overt way.

“And how did you feel when she left you for that lawyer, did you feel angry?”

I knew that this was dangerous territory. I did not want him to know of my anger towards Nancy and how I still harbored negative feelings towards her. I had to be careful in my answer. I had not kill Nancy but I didn’t want the police to look at me as a suspect. “Well, at first I was sad at our break-up, and then I was not surprised at her leaving me.” I tried to answer in a nonchalant way.

“And why not? Why were you not surprised? Or angry?” asked the detective.

“Nancy really wanted to move up in society and she knew that my job in a meat-packing plant gave me no opportunity to do so. I was stuck and my wages would not move up that much.” I said.

“I see.” replied the Detective. He was furiously writing on his pad. “Would you say her social standing and money were important to her then?”

“Yes of course.” I replied. “She lived for money. She often told me that I was not making enough.”

“Well you know women,” said the Detective. “they need to shop and they need lots of money.” He said smiling at me. I smiled back. “And so by leaving you for a lawyer she obtained both objectives, a higher social status and more money, right”

“I guess so.” I replied gently. I was happy that my true feelings about her would remain concealed. I was happy that the little bitch was dead, but I would not have lifted a finger to do this evil deed.

“A final question Mr. Horn. Where were you on the day of the murder?”

“I was at work of course, at the meat-packing plan. People can vouch for me.” I replied nervously.

“Well Mr. Horn that will be all, thank-you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. Much obliged.”

“Is that all, I can leave now?” I asked in a cautious manner.

“Yes of course, let me accompany you to the door. And thanks again.” said the detective.

With that the door closed behind me and I left the police station. His questions and my answers had taken only twenty minutes. I was about to walk out the station when I felt a strange tingling in my spine. I looked up and there it was, the hideous shadow looking at me and pointing its finger towards me! It was over my head and it stayed there for less than a second and then it disappeared.

I ran out on the streets like a madman, looking behind me and above. Nothing. It had disappeared. I continued running with my heart pounding in my chest when I finally sat down on a park bench facing the street. My bus was on the opposite side but for now I decided to rest and think about what had happened.


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