Chapter 5.

The Murder.


The newspapers reported that the girl had been killed in broad daylight in her apartment and that a thick black smoke had been seen escaping from one of the open windows. Firefighters had been called to the scene of the crime and had discovered the body but curiously enough, no fire was discovered.

I had heard about the murder on the evening news. I didn’t think much of it until I learned about the smoke, its color and how it had escaped from the apartment. Naturally I bought the newspaper the next day to learn more about the details, but there wasn’t much. It is only when I read the name in the paper that I realized that I knew the girl; she had been an old girlfriend of mine that had ditched me in favor of a lawyer. She liked money and I had none. She wanted to move up the social ladder and with me that was not possible. I realized as I reminisced that I still had negative feelings towards her as well as some anger. Even five years later, I still felt it. I wasn’t proud of holding such a grudge for so long, but I just could not forget.

The police were perplexed at her death as no apparent cause was present. The coroner investigating had decided that an autopsy was necessary to find the cause of death. It seemed that she had died from a heart attack or a sudden shock to the system according to the coroner. The body had been found in the bedroom, on the bed itself. She was obviously ready to go to bed when she died. The body was intact with no traces of foul play. The only thing that was disturbing was the expression on her face when she was found; it was a mixture of disbelief and fear. Something or someone had scared her to death it seemed.


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